Tips on Choosing Safe and Comfortable Shoes

One of the important parts of fashion is shoes. Although used in the foot, shoes have a big role in supporting the appearance. The saying goes, nice shoes will take you to a good place too. Good in the sense of not only the model but comfort also still you have to pay attention.

Knowing the Leg Size

Knowing the size of your feet when buying shoes are the first and the first thing you should do. You should also regularly pay attention to the size of your feet. Because over time there can also be changes in the size of your feet.

Knowing the Legs

Knowing the shape of the foot is also very important. This will relate to the shoe model you will choose. For those of you who have a large calf is not recommended to wear boots that are suitable for use with small calves.

Notice the Model

If you decide to use or buy high heels, you should also choose a comfortable. It’s good not to wear too high or pointy. This is so you are comfortable to walk and do not happen unwanted things like sprain or fall. Wearing high heels should also not be too frequent and in a long time. Note also the pattern of shoes, whether it is in accordance with the shape of your feet and can sustain your weight? If you notice this, it will reduce the chance of foot injury.

Choosing Shoes Appropriate Body Shape

In addition to the shape of the foot, you also need to know in advance your body shape. If you have a small body, of course, is not recommended to choose a shoe with a pointed tip for making your body shape more and more unhealthy. For the Small Body, can wear shoes with rounded edges, wedges, platforms or heels without straps. Heels with rope will cut your height so it gives the impression your body is getting shorter.