Selecting Bags Matching Body Shape

When buying a bag usually a person never think about the type of bag that suits his body shape. Usually, they will only think about the quality of the bag and of course the price. Though the selection of bags that fit the body size can make the appearance more perfect look. Preferably when buying a bag you do not just think about the price or brand bag, but it’s good if you also think about the size of the bag so you look more been. Here are some easy ways to choose a bag that matches the Shape of your Body Size

Fat Body Shape

For those of you who have a body that contains a fat alias. Then you should avoid the bag with the size is too small. This is because a small bag will further highlight your fat body. So, you should choose a bag with a rather large size with a long strap in order to balance your body shape.

Body Shape Tall and Slim

For you who have a tall and slim body shape, of course, the size of the bag you use is not so problematic. Bags of any size will fit if you wear. But, you should avoid the size of the bag is too small or too big. Choose a bag with a string that is and the right size, so that your appearance is also more fascinating.

Body Shape is Tall and Thin

You who have a tall and thin body should avoid the size of the bag is too big. So you do not look drowning in the size of a bag larger than your body. And you should also avoid the bag with a rope that is too short, adjust to the height so that your appearance more enjoyable views.

Small Body Shape

For you who have a small body shape should avoid a bag with a size that is too large. You can choose a bag with the size of the rope that is not too long. Medium-sized handbags and not very long straps will be perfect for those of you who have tiny bodies.

Those are some tips on choosing a bag that suits your body shape. So, from now on you should not only think about the price and brand but also the size of the bag in accordance with the body shape so that your appearance more perfect.