How to Choose Model Pants Suitable for Body Shape

Have you ever bought expensive pants but it turns out his pants make your body look bigger? Too bad right? So as not to waste, you should know tips on choosing a pair of pants


If you have a body shape that tends to flat, you have to choose the type of pants that can give the illusion of curve for your body. Pants with a little cutting Rempel or creases in the hips and thighs can make your body curvier. Choose also material light and thin pants so that your pants do not seem puffy

H Shape

What the H shape says here are those that have the same shoulder and hip width but do not have a groove in the hip area. Therefore, choose pants with a straight model to follow your body shape. Excessive accent and cutting will only make your hips look bigger.

A Shape

If you have hips and thighs that are wider than your shoulders but still look curvy at the hips. Then you belong to this class. To cover this large hip, you should avoid pants that have a lot of accents or Rempel in the hips because it will only make your hips look bigger. Pants with a simple design on the hips and also bootleg or cut bray model will balance your big hips.

X Shape

You should be grateful if you have an ideal body shape. Hips parallel to the shoulders, and the curve of the waist that define certainly makes you look many times more flattering. Basically, this body shape fits all kinds of pants, but a straight trouser model, a little flare, or bootcut will look great on your body.

O Shape

For this round body shape, you should avoid the model of the flare or wide pants at the bottom. Model pants that slim fit will work best for this body type. Pants that this body will make the illusion of the body and belly smaller. In addition, wearing also tops with a long model that covers the abdomen can also cover the excess size in the stomach.

8 Shape

This body model is almost similar to X shape. The difference, the owner of the 8 shape body endowed with larger buttocks. Again, pants with an enlarged model in the hips can be your lifesaver to cover a large buttock and look also pants with a straight model or bootcut.


Lastly, the owner of a tiny body perfectly suits the slim fit pants. Model pants that fitly wrap your legs will give the illusion of a more slim foot and ladder. Also, choose a thin pants material because the thick pants will only make your legs bigger so your body will look shorter.