Fashion Tricks for Women Who Have Short Body

Many of us are not confident with his height is not high. Well, for those of you who feel short, do not have to worry and throw away a sense of insecurity. Because this article will provide a solution for you who want to look taller. Want to know anything? Instantly check it out

Wear Heels to Heighten Yourself

It’s a fact that many people know, if you’re short, then wear high heels to add to your height. Well, it works all the time. Use high heels or wedges, but if you want more comfort, you can choose a platform or sneakers that have a thick right

High-Waist Bottom is the Right Choice
Well, if you have a high-waist subordinate (length to waist), do not hesitate to wear it, ladies. By wearing high waist pants, your feet will look longer and you will look taller, of course. If you do not have, yuk, buy a ladies

Never Go with Mid Dress

If you want to wear a dress, choose a short dress or long dress. Avoid choosing a dress with a length of calf or knee, because it will show your short legs. The mini dress will show the length of your feet, so you look taller. Maybe ladies during this doubt if you want to wear a long dress or maxi dress. Well, do not hesitate ladies. Maxi dress you should try. Do not hesitate to wear your maxi dress up to the floor. You will not look short. Quite the contrary, it will give you the illusion that your legs are long. It will totally worth the look

Try Flare Pants, But Just at the Right Length

If you like wearing a pair of flare pants, cut bras, or culotte does not hesitate to wear them. If you’re curious, just try it. But, remember, choose long pants. Do not choose pants whose length is only for knees

Go with the V Neck

V Neck will give an accent that your body is higher than the real. You can choose a dress with a V-shaped neck model instead of U neck or O neck you usually buy. In addition to the dress, many V-necker tops that you can get with various styles. Starting from casual style t-shirts, shirts and formal-style blouse.

Turtle Neck is Super Cool

In addition to being a current trend, turtleneck will help the Beautynesian who feel less stature. Wear a turtleneck to give the illusion that your body is longer. Pair it with your favourite jeans or skirt to get a super stylish style.