Effective Ways to Restore the Expensive Jeans

Often find that your jeans become stretched so uncomfortable when worn, do not you? Wait, but do not just throw away or replace it with new jeans yes, ladies. Because, this time we will share a number of tips on jeans to overcome your stretchy jeans, so it will be comfortable when used and certainly will save your money

Wash it off with Hot Water

The first jeans tip is to wash it with hot water instead of normal water. So your stretched jeans can go back to the previous size. Here, the hot water serves to further deflate the fibres of your interested jeans. If you wash it with a washing machine, the Beautynesian can set your washing machine on the hottest suit, so the result will be maximal

Dry it with Proper Setup

After being washed with hot water, Beuatynesian must dry it with proper settings. Better if these jeans are dried not by sunlight, but by utilizing a dryer. You need to set your dryer in the ‘hottest setting’. Why? Because the heat will pull and wrinkle back the loose fibres of your jeans. So, your jeans will return to the previous size. Can even be more narrow than before

Adding Rubber

Well, if the stretch is the waist of your jeans, Beautynesian can use this simple trick really. You just need to add rubber clothing to your jeans. Simply sew the rubber clothes on the inside waist circumference of your jeans by using the same coloured thread with your jeans, yes ladies.

That way, the seams will not be visible to others when you are wearing those jeans. But if you are lazy, Beuatynesian can take him to a tailor then ask the tailor to add rubber to the waistlines of your jeans. Trust me, if you’re using this super easy and simple trick, every bigger jeans will fit your body, ladies