Selecting Bags Matching Body Shape

When buying a bag usually a person never think about the type of bag that suits his body shape. Usually, they will only think about the quality of the bag and of course the price. Though the selection of bags that fit the body size can make the appearance more perfect look. Preferably when buying a bag you do not just think about the price or brand bag, but it’s good if you also think about the size of the bag so you look more been. Here are some easy ways to choose a bag that matches the Shape of your Body Size

Fat Body Shape

For those of you who have a body that contains a fat alias. Then you should avoid the bag with the size is too small. This is because a small bag will further highlight your fat body. So, you should choose a bag with a rather large size with a long strap in order to balance your body shape.

Body Shape Tall and Slim

For you who have a tall and slim body shape, of course, the size of the bag you use is not so problematic. Bags of any size will fit if you wear. But, you should avoid the size of the bag is too small or too big. Choose a bag with a string that is and the right size, so that your appearance is also more fascinating.

Body Shape is Tall and Thin

You who have a tall and thin body should avoid the size of the bag is too big. So you do not look drowning in the size of a bag larger than your body. And you should also avoid the bag with a rope that is too short, adjust to the height so that your appearance more enjoyable views.

Small Body Shape

For you who have a small body shape should avoid a bag with a size that is too large. You can choose a bag with the size of the rope that is not too long. Medium-sized handbags and not very long straps will be perfect for those of you who have tiny bodies.

Those are some tips on choosing a bag that suits your body shape. So, from now on you should not only think about the price and brand but also the size of the bag in accordance with the body shape so that your appearance more perfect.…

Fashion Tricks for Women Who Have Short Body

Many of us are not confident with his height is not high. Well, for those of you who feel short, do not have to worry and throw away a sense of insecurity. Because this article will provide a solution for you who want to look taller. Want to know anything? Instantly check it out

Wear Heels to Heighten Yourself

It’s a fact that many people know, if you’re short, then wear high heels to add to your height. Well, it works all the time. Use high heels or wedges, but if you want more comfort, you can choose a platform or sneakers that have a thick right

High-Waist Bottom is the Right Choice
Well, if you have a high-waist subordinate (length to waist), do not hesitate to wear it, ladies. By wearing high waist pants, your feet will look longer and you will look taller, of course. If you do not have, yuk, buy a ladies

Never Go with Mid Dress

If you want to wear a dress, choose a short dress or long dress. Avoid choosing a dress with a length of calf or knee, because it will show your short legs. The mini dress will show the length of your feet, so you look taller. Maybe ladies during this doubt if you want to wear a long dress or maxi dress. Well, do not hesitate ladies. Maxi dress you should try. Do not hesitate to wear your maxi dress up to the floor. You will not look short. Quite the contrary, it will give you the illusion that your legs are long. It will totally worth the look

Try Flare Pants, But Just at the Right Length

If you like wearing a pair of flare pants, cut bras, or culotte does not hesitate to wear them. If you’re curious, just try it. But, remember, choose long pants. Do not choose pants whose length is only for knees

Go with the V Neck

V Neck will give an accent that your body is higher than the real. You can choose a dress with a V-shaped neck model instead of U neck or O neck you usually buy. In addition to the dress, many V-necker tops that you can get with various styles. Starting from casual style t-shirts, shirts and formal-style blouse.

Turtle Neck is Super Cool

In addition to being a current trend, turtleneck will help the Beautynesian who feel less stature. Wear a turtleneck to give the illusion that your body is longer. Pair it with your favourite jeans or skirt to get a super stylish style.…

Effective Ways to Restore the Expensive Jeans

Often find that your jeans become stretched so uncomfortable when worn, do not you? Wait, but do not just throw away or replace it with new jeans yes, ladies. Because, this time we will share a number of tips on jeans to overcome your stretchy jeans, so it will be comfortable when used and certainly will save your money

Wash it off with Hot Water

The first jeans tip is to wash it with hot water instead of normal water. So your stretched jeans can go back to the previous size. Here, the hot water serves to further deflate the fibres of your interested jeans. If you wash it with a washing machine, the Beautynesian can set your washing machine on the hottest suit, so the result will be maximal

Dry it with Proper Setup

After being washed with hot water, Beuatynesian must dry it with proper settings. Better if these jeans are dried not by sunlight, but by utilizing a dryer. You need to set your dryer in the ‘hottest setting’. Why? Because the heat will pull and wrinkle back the loose fibres of your jeans. So, your jeans will return to the previous size. Can even be more narrow than before

Adding Rubber

Well, if the stretch is the waist of your jeans, Beautynesian can use this simple trick really. You just need to add rubber clothing to your jeans. Simply sew the rubber clothes on the inside waist circumference of your jeans by using the same coloured thread with your jeans, yes ladies.

That way, the seams will not be visible to others when you are wearing those jeans. But if you are lazy, Beuatynesian can take him to a tailor then ask the tailor to add rubber to the waistlines of your jeans. Trust me, if you’re using this super easy and simple trick, every bigger jeans will fit your body, ladies…

Do’s and Dont’n Choose Footwear For Footwear

Choosing the right shoes according to the foot shape is a condition that you should look at when buying shoes. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance maximum, of course, can also correct your own body shape. What shoe model is suitable for your feet?

Small Feet


  • Wear sling shoe model shoes but with a thin rope accent. This is to disguise the shape of your little feet.
  • Shoe heels also fit you to wear because it gives effect to your feet become more ladder.


  • Using a slingback shoe with a wide strap that will make your feet look smaller.
  • Using ankle boots because it will be like swallowing your feet.
  • Use wedges because it gives the impression too heavy on your little feet.

Wide Feet


  • Using shoes with taper / tapered model and slim so that gives the impression of your feet smaller.
  • Use shoes with a short front that show some of your toes. This is believed to give the impression your feet are slimmer.
  • Dont’s
    Wear shoes with a flexible material so easy to follow the shape of the foot. This leads to not being able to hide your wide food form.
  • Wear shoes that are too fit on the foot, because it will make your legs look pinched and make your feet look wider.

Great Calves


  • Choose a slingback shoe model shoes with open heel models. This can give a slim impression on your calves.
  • Using high heels shoes that can give the impression of high and slim.
  • Wear shoes with an open model that shows the back legs so your feet will look ladder.


  • Using this type of ankle straps shoes. The strap will give you the impression of cutting the length of your foot. This can cause your legs to look short and your calves look bigger.
  • Using athletic sneakers or sneakers for making other people’s attention on your calves.
  • Using a strappy Greek-style strap shoe tied to the upper calf. It can also make your calves look bigger.
  • Using thick-soled shoes or shoes with triangular heels.

Short leg


  • Wear high heels shoes with a height of 7 -12 cm.
  • Wear wedges is not recommended, but can still be used as long as you choose a dark colour to give the impression of slim on your body.

Do not

  • Wear wedges with thick, brightly coloured soles, as this can make your body look shorter and fatter.

Long Leg

For those of you who have long legs thinner, then this is the ideal form because it can actually use any type of shoes. However, if you choose to use a stiletto, then the height is enough 5 to 7 cm so that your feet look perfect. Ballerina model shoes, flat shoes and even boots can also be used. The thing you need to avoid is a shoe with a pointy tip because it makes your feet look thin…