Tips for Choosing Eyeglasses for Chubby Cheeks

Glasses have now become the ‘it’ things fashion items are catchy for us girls. Because in addition to helping the eyesight and cover up our eyes from sunshine, it turns out glasses can also make our look so super stand out. But make no mistake. Not all types of glasses we can collect and match our own face shape. Especially for chubby cheek girls who have always been the most-problem nowadays. Wrong in choosing a glass eye can make our face seem more chubby. No no! So what should we do?

As much as possible we should avoid round frames like a shield, wrap around. Because the rounded frame will clarify the shape of our face visible round shape. We have to avoid minimalist frame shapes. Better we choose the frame size wider than the face so that our cheeks look more gaunt. So, what kind of eyeglasses frames can we use? Read this recommendation out

Eye Cat

In addition to the unique shape, eye cat glasses model is really useful in terms of function. The tip of the sharp upwards can captain a tapered illusion to our chubby face. So, when we wear this eyeglasses type, it surely can disguise the shape of our face.


We can hide our chubby cheek through the glasses of this box. The wider wayfarer model is suitable for use for all face’s shapes. Especially for us who have chubby cheeks. The big frame and bold of these glasses will give us a long effect on our face. With a boxed angle, round face becomes more slender


Chubby cheek usually has a rounded face shape that is not angled. Rectangular glasses with sharp corners, D-frames can be the right choice for us. The model is wide and elongated can be an alternative to get a face that seems pointed.