5 Tips Mix and Mach Plastic Jacket

The plastic jacket is the next new trends! After happening in the runway fashion week, now the plastic jacket is one of the must-have pieces for every fashionista. Fashion items with PVC material that see through this can also make us when rainy day. In addition to functional, plastic jacket always makes us more and more stylish in every way. Maybe some of us are afraid because the impression of this fashion item like look like a raincoat. Do not worry, here the tips

Keep It Simple with Neutral Color

For those of us who like to mix and match fashion items that can be considered tricky to wear is easy. We can choose the neutral color! Black and white is always a great idea. We can wear a basic white dress or little black dress in the same layer-plastic favorite jacket. Even though simple, we should not let our look be plain. Choose the Dott stocking, make his footwear. Heels with the same color themed make our appearance matching. An extra tips, we can also choose shoes with neon colors, bright red or electric blue so that the more outstanding.

No More Plain for This Plastic Pattern

Stripes in every plastic jacket side. Polka dot plastic jacket or flowery embroidery plastic jacket make our look simple but so maximal. Although the main materials of this fashion item are plastic or PVC. It does not mean we can not play with the funny motifs of this plastic jacket. Short pants with boots, oversized sweater or mix and match with a pencil skirt? So really cute

Choose the Bright Color

To all of us who do not want complicated. Black denim with a colorful plastic jacket can make an impression see though. This fashion item can also make us so easy to explore our wardrobe. Kalo plastic jacket that we have transparent without any color.

Black Plastic Jacket for Bold Look

Besides can help us when rainy day or winter season. A plastic jacket is to make fashionable with the bold look too. You should choose a long black plastic jacket or long plastic coat. Mix and Mach with fashion items that statements like boots, sneakers, belts, or sunglasses