Style Fashion for Women who Have Short Body

Having a short posture does not mean our fashion style is limited. We should feel lucky to live on the Asian continent. The average woman has a small body size. There are many inspirations and fashion. Choices that we can use to cover the shortcomings of our body shape. Here are fashion tips for short posture to stay trendy

Body Fit

Wearing clothes loose model is not really good for us who have short posture. Type of dress that is too big will make our body look short. Body fit clothes are perfect and make them look more fashionable.

Skirt Pants

You should avoid skirts that have A-Line pieces. Because this skirt makes our feet look short. For that, you should use skirt pants. That shows the curve of the waist so that the body looks more ladder.

Jeans And T-Shirt

It seems simple but if we note, Many women who mix and match plain t-shirts and jeans. As simple as that Although we have a tiny body. All that is disguised by appearing stylish and back to basic.

High-Heels Shoes

High-heels is one of the fashion items we should have. Shoes with high heels can make our body postures look more upright. In addition to stiletto, we can choose shoe wedges are more comfortable to wear running. Should you choose the color of nude shoes or match the skin color. in order to be able to show the illusion effects of legs that are longer and longer

Mini Bag

Believe it or not, a bag that has a large size will make sinking our tiny posture. because big bags can disguise our curves. You should choose a medium or small sized bag with a clutch model.

Clothes with Match Color

Fashion trick this one is quite simple. Make us who have a short body. The matching colors will make the posture look higher. We should avoid mix and match the color that is too much in one outfit.…