Tips on Choosing the Right Tie for Men

For men, a tie is one of the clothing accessories that can not be left behind. This applies especially to you who daily work with formal shirt clothes. The use of a tie on your formal attire will add a neat and formal impression on your appearance. Of course, this impression will look very good for you in the office.

Not only formal attire to the office, the use of a tie is also often added to the party or official dress of the men, such as when wearing a suit or tuxedo. This is not much different from the women whose party dress will not be complete without jewelry, men’s party clothes will not be complete without a tie. Ties that are used with a suit or tuxedo will certainly add a professional and classy impression on the men

However, did you know that using a tie has some special rules? If you just wear a tie without following the rules, it is not impossible that your appearance looks strange. Not that you’ll look professional, using the wrong tie can make you look silly. So, if you want to look cool with a tie, you need to know and follow some of the following rules:

Materials Ties for Men

Make sure you wear a tie based on the shirt and the event you attended. Pair a lightweight tie with a cotton shirt and attach a thick tie with your thick clothes. For example, use a knit tie with a shirt with a sweater that you wear, instead of a silk tie. By choosing the right tie material, the tie will stand out and match your appearance. That way, the use of the tie will also perform its function as a complement to your fashion style.

Tie Motifs

Furthermore, you should also pay attention to the tie motif you use. As much as possible customize the tie motif with a shirt motif and coat you wear. Do not let the tie motif you use does not fit the shirt like it is too flashy or even inconspicuous at all. Make sure the tie you wear runs its function as the center of your appearance. For example, if you use after bold, choose a thick wool tie. If on other occasions you feel unsure of what kind of tie to wear, choose a plain black tie as an alternative. It will never go wrong! Another case if you wear a patterned shirt. Do not mix your full patterned shirt with a patterned tie or a crowded pattern. The alloy will only make your appearance look too full and striking.

Tie Type

next is to determine the type of tie used. There are two types of ties that most have commonly worn by men, namely a triangle tie and bow tie. Of course, you have to adjust the type of tie you will wear with the clothes and the event you attended. For example, a bow tie would be perfect to wear on a particular theme, along with a tuxedo or suspender.

Match Size

Make sure that the tie you buy has a distance of about 5.5 to 10 cm above the belt. In addition, if you like the classic look, you can look for a tie that is the same width as the jacket collar. Make sure also that the size is not too loose and does not also make the neck choke because it affects comfort.