Tips Mix And Match Outfit Colored Light

Wearing bright color is fun. A bold way to inject colors into our wardrobe. But still many women who think that wear bright colors like aqua blue, yellow mustard, neon, shocking pink or light green impressed fashion faux pas. Whereas big no! As long as we can mix and match correctly, with the bright color we can ‘rocking’ our look. Here the tips below

Match them with Dark Color

When we talk about dark color. Automatically the color that comes to our mind is black. Though not only the dark color of the dark color categories. colors like maroon, navy, dark brown can also be our choice to mix and match our bright color. For example, we can wear a maroon outer with black tights for our bright inner neutral. Can also shining yellow with every black thing. Like leather moto jacket, black tights, combat boots and black handbags.

Pair with Neutral Color

When our bright color-outfit successfully pay attention. It’s time to combine them with neutral and soft color. Such as beige, white, or light gray. Like a hot pink skirt and electric blue heels with a simple white crop top. It’s modern and unexpected

Bright Outer can Make a Statement

An outer is great! A simple way to make it stand out by pairing with denim pants or white pants. The impression layering of the coat, really makes our tetralin look bright.

Why Not for Color Blocking

Mixing different colors that seem color blocking look cool. Try combining heavier fabrics with neons to brighten your look. Matcha lemon-colored dress with electric blue shoes. Or try oversized mustard coat with skinny red pants. If you’re feeling adventurous, try mix and match maxi dress which has color blocking element kayak hot pink with light orange. But, if we use this type of outfit do not ever to wear any necklaces or bracelets. Do not overdo it, just make it simple but still chic…