The Most Common Abrasion Testing Methods

Abrasion testing provides you with data to compare materials when rubbing deteriorates your packaging material. It also helps manufacturers to forecast the lifetime of a packaging material. It is used to assess the abrasive resistance of packaging materials. You can measure the caustic strength of materials such as ceramics, metals, and composite with abrasion testing. Abrasion provides manufacturers with data used to rank packaging materials according to their ability to resist scratching abrasion under given conditions.

Manufacturers should not use standard abrasion testing techniques to measure the actual resistance of packaging material. The value of standard abrasion test lies in the ranking materials. Manufacturers may use a customized wear testing technique to mimic actual operating conditions such as the direction of wear, fluids, and temperature. Such custom approaches provide data that relates to the working environment. Abrasion testing techniques include pin abrasion, Taber abrasion, RCA abrasion, and rubber wheel abrasion.

Taber Abrasion Testing

It involves mounting of a flat specimen to a turntable platform that has two abrasive wheels. It allows manufacturers to measure the ability of a product to resist abrasive scratch under given conditions. The two wheels rotate over the specimen to determine its resistance to scratch. One-wheel scratches the sample inwards while the other towards the periphery. Afterwards, the mass of the specimen is measured to allow for property comparison. Depending on the nature of your project, you can use more than two abrasive wheels.

Rubber Wheel Abrasion Test

It involves loading a rectangular plastic specimen against a rotating rubber wheel. Sand of controlled flow rate, composition, and grit size are used to measure the ability of packaging material to resist abrasion. It involves measuring the mass of the rectangular test sample before and after the experiment. Rubber wheel abrasion test helps develop a comparison table for ranking packaging materials. It allows conversion of mass loss to volume loss. That enables the user to determine the difference in material densities.

Pin Abrasion Test

Abrasion test is performed using two specimens. It involves comparison of the subject material against a reference material. In pin abrasion test, the abrasive surface is mounted on a flat surface. Pin rub resistance tester has a pin that is positioned perpendicular to the abrasive surface. The pin abrasion tester permits relative motion between the surface of the pin and the abrasive surface. The pin’s wear track is continuous and doesn’t overlap each other. During testing, the pin rotates about its axis. Weight loss is the main determinant of the amount of wear. Pin abrasion test allows inclusion of a reference specimen to allow the user to determine the correct variation.

Over the recent years, there have been significant efforts to develop standardized abrasion testers. You can contact research industry associations to confirm the availability of certain abrasion test procedures. If a method doesn’t exist, select a test model that fits your applications. The primary elements of a wear system include measurement, apparatus design, test protocol, and specimen.

Selecting Bags Matching Body Shape

When buying a bag usually a person never think about the type of bag that suits his body shape. Usually, they will only think about the quality of the bag and of course the price. Though the selection of bags that fit the body size can make the appearance more perfect look. Preferably when buying a bag you do not just think about the price or brand bag, but it’s good if you also think about the size of the bag so you look more been. Here are some easy ways to choose a bag that matches the Shape of your Body Size

Fat Body Shape

For those of you who have a body that contains a fat alias. Then you should avoid the bag with the size is too small. This is because a small bag will further highlight your fat body. So, you should choose a bag with a rather large size with a long strap in order to balance your body shape.

Body Shape Tall and Slim

For you who have a tall and slim body shape, of course, the size of the bag you use is not so problematic. Bags of any size will fit if you wear. But, you should avoid the size of the bag is too small or too big. Choose a bag with a string that is and the right size, so that your appearance is also more fascinating.

Body Shape is Tall and Thin

You who have a tall and thin body should avoid the size of the bag is too big. So you do not look drowning in the size of a bag larger than your body. And you should also avoid the bag with a rope that is too short, adjust to the height so that your appearance more enjoyable views.

Small Body Shape

For you who have a small body shape should avoid a bag with a size that is too large. You can choose a bag with the size of the rope that is not too long. Medium-sized handbags and not very long straps will be perfect for those of you who have tiny bodies.

Those are some tips on choosing a bag that suits your body shape. So, from now on you should not only think about the price and brand but also the size of the bag in accordance with the body shape so that your appearance more perfect.…

Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Office Shoes

Although only used in the foot, so the object so main shoes for office workers. Because generally, companies do require them to wear formal shoes. However, not continue to meet the provisions of the office alone, shoes can be a sweetener look at the office. With the shoes also a more professional look at work. Interestingly again, today office shoes have a more diverse type with a wide selection of material types and prices. But good office shoes are comfortable shoes on your feet and matching with your profession.

Determine the Neutral Color

Make sure you choose a neutral coloured shoe so you can mix-and-match with your shirt. In addition, the basic colours of neutral shoes cause a formal impression when in the office. You can choose the colour of black shoes, brown, or beige. For women can also choose shoes with a basic white colour in the mix-and-match with a work suit that has a soft theme.

Determine Who Has Leather

Why skin material? Shoes have generally durable leather with other words durable because the material is strong. Plus a more cool leather material when worn, and soft texture to not hurt the skin of the foot

Determine the Type of Fun

It’s good you choose office shoes to suit your taste. For men choose boots, Oxford, or loafers. For women, it is recommended select the type of flat shoes, heels, mary jane, peep-toe, or pump shoes.

Make sure Feet Comfortable

You should try the shoes to be purchased. Make sure the heel and toe sides do not hurt when wearing shoes. Try a few steps to measure the comfort of using shoes when you buy.

That’s some way or tips for you in choosing a shoe so you look more professional and Interesting in the work. Good Luck…

Tips on Choosing Safe and Comfortable Shoes

One of the important parts of fashion is shoes. Although used in the foot, shoes have a big role in supporting the appearance. The saying goes, nice shoes will take you to a good place too. Good in the sense of not only the model but comfort also still you have to pay attention.

Knowing the Leg Size

Knowing the size of your feet when buying shoes are the first and the first thing you should do. You should also regularly pay attention to the size of your feet. Because over time there can also be changes in the size of your feet.

Knowing the Legs

Knowing the shape of the foot is also very important. This will relate to the shoe model you will choose. For those of you who have a large calf is not recommended to wear boots that are suitable for use with small calves.

Notice the Model

If you decide to use or buy high heels, you should also choose a comfortable. It’s good not to wear too high or pointy. This is so you are comfortable to walk and do not happen unwanted things like sprain or fall. Wearing high heels should also not be too frequent and in a long time. Note also the pattern of shoes, whether it is in accordance with the shape of your feet and can sustain your weight? If you notice this, it will reduce the chance of foot injury.

Choosing Shoes Appropriate Body Shape

In addition to the shape of the foot, you also need to know in advance your body shape. If you have a small body, of course, is not recommended to choose a shoe with a pointed tip for making your body shape more and more unhealthy. For the Small Body, can wear shoes with rounded edges, wedges, platforms or heels without straps. Heels with rope will cut your height so it gives the impression your body is getting shorter.

Outfit 2018 to Make Your Look Look Younger

Not just jeans that you can wear to look young or youthful. Some fashion items and accessories are also apparently can make your appearance look younger, trendy, and the present. Anything about? Ladies, know baseball hell, not just make up mistakes that can make you look older, but also dress style! If in the world of cosmetics and skin care there are many products that can use to reduce the signs of ageing, then you too can look younger by choosing the right clothes and accessories. What kind of clothes can make you look younger and look the present?

Try Light Color? No need to Worry

Neutral colours such as black, white, and brown fairly safe and easy mix and match. These colours can also give a serious impression. To add fun and youthful impression, you are advised to dare to play with bright colours like yellow or red for example. Nothing wrong with how to look full colour, because if combined properly can even make you more stand out

Experiment with Accessories

Wearing the same set of accessories, ranging from bracelets to earrings. Is too old-fashioned. Instead of worrying about combining similar accessories. You better focus on choosing cool accessories when used alone or in combination with other accessories. Such as statement earrings with bracelets eg

Wear Skinny Jeans

Women’s jeans are popular in all circles, ranging from high school kids to the office. These pants are very easy to mix and much and can make the appearance of your feet more beautiful. But not just any jeans, if you want to look nowadays, you should have a pair of jeans that fit your feet or skinny jeans, not the mom jeans of the 90s.

Try the New Trends

If you want to look like a young child of the present, of course, you also need to try a variety of clothes and accessories are more trendy! Like this year, for example, the plaid or floral motif can really you try to campus or vacation to the beach during the summer.…

Shown Stylish with Long Skirt When Campus bounces

College time is a time where you can be more expressive in style. Your everyday style of the campus will also give you the spirit in the activity you know! Then, how do you show your personality to your dress style? Well, here are tips on wearing a long skirt for college for you who want to appear stunning. Let’s refer to the following tips so that you are not excessive but also not monotonous

Choose a Casual Theme

The main style that you must apply to the campus is a casual or simple style. Because, you do not want to go to an official event, yes. You go to study. For that, you must determine the style first so that the skirt you wear is not excessive. Choose only skirts with denim or cotton. Instead, do not wear a skirt with leather, brocade, satin, and also metallic. Wear the skirt when you want to hang out with friends only

Choosing a Comfortable Skirt

Comfort is number one. Do not let you on campus cannot freely move freely just because your skirt is too long or your skirt is too big. It should be sorted before you define the style. In addition to size, the points for prioritizing comfort are from the model. If detail skirt is too full and excessive, you should avoid, yes. Because your study was so annoyed and uncomfortable if too much detail on the skirt

Mix and Match is Right

If you like wearing skirts made from denim, of course, it should look more casual. Well, if you have this you can maximize the style with a combination of shirts and bomber jacket. While if you’re a girly girl, you can choose a flowy skirt with the equivalent of a blouse or cropped top. As long as the style is still carrying the same colour and detail, your view of the campus will become increasingly.

Fashion Tricks for Women Who Have Short Body

Many of us are not confident with his height is not high. Well, for those of you who feel short, do not have to worry and throw away a sense of insecurity. Because this article will provide a solution for you who want to look taller. Want to know anything? Instantly check it out

Wear Heels to Heighten Yourself

It’s a fact that many people know, if you’re short, then wear high heels to add to your height. Well, it works all the time. Use high heels or wedges, but if you want more comfort, you can choose a platform or sneakers that have a thick right

High-Waist Bottom is the Right Choice
Well, if you have a high-waist subordinate (length to waist), do not hesitate to wear it, ladies. By wearing high waist pants, your feet will look longer and you will look taller, of course. If you do not have, yuk, buy a ladies

Never Go with Mid Dress

If you want to wear a dress, choose a short dress or long dress. Avoid choosing a dress with a length of calf or knee, because it will show your short legs. The mini dress will show the length of your feet, so you look taller. Maybe ladies during this doubt if you want to wear a long dress or maxi dress. Well, do not hesitate ladies. Maxi dress you should try. Do not hesitate to wear your maxi dress up to the floor. You will not look short. Quite the contrary, it will give you the illusion that your legs are long. It will totally worth the look

Try Flare Pants, But Just at the Right Length

If you like wearing a pair of flare pants, cut bras, or culotte does not hesitate to wear them. If you’re curious, just try it. But, remember, choose long pants. Do not choose pants whose length is only for knees

Go with the V Neck

V Neck will give an accent that your body is higher than the real. You can choose a dress with a V-shaped neck model instead of U neck or O neck you usually buy. In addition to the dress, many V-necker tops that you can get with various styles. Starting from casual style t-shirts, shirts and formal-style blouse.

Turtle Neck is Super Cool

In addition to being a current trend, turtleneck will help the Beautynesian who feel less stature. Wear a turtleneck to give the illusion that your body is longer. Pair it with your favourite jeans or skirt to get a super stylish style.…