Do’s and Dont’n Choose Footwear For Footwear

Choosing the right shoes according to the foot shape is a condition that you should look at when buying shoes. In addition to providing a beautiful appearance maximum, of course, can also correct your own body shape. What shoe model is suitable for your feet?

Small Feet


  • Wear sling shoe model shoes but with a thin rope accent. This is to disguise the shape of your little feet.
  • Shoe heels also fit you to wear because it gives effect to your feet become more ladder.


  • Using a slingback shoe with a wide strap that will make your feet look smaller.
  • Using ankle boots because it will be like swallowing your feet.
  • Use wedges because it gives the impression too heavy on your little feet.

Wide Feet


  • Using shoes with taper / tapered model and slim so that gives the impression of your feet smaller.
  • Use shoes with a short front that show some of your toes. This is believed to give the impression your feet are slimmer.
  • Dont’s
    Wear shoes with a flexible material so easy to follow the shape of the foot. This leads to not being able to hide your wide food form.
  • Wear shoes that are too fit on the foot, because it will make your legs look pinched and make your feet look wider.

Great Calves


  • Choose a slingback shoe model shoes with open heel models. This can give a slim impression on your calves.
  • Using high heels shoes that can give the impression of high and slim.
  • Wear shoes with an open model that shows the back legs so your feet will look ladder.


  • Using this type of ankle straps shoes. The strap will give you the impression of cutting the length of your foot. This can cause your legs to look short and your calves look bigger.
  • Using athletic sneakers or sneakers for making other people’s attention on your calves.
  • Using a strappy Greek-style strap shoe tied to the upper calf. It can also make your calves look bigger.
  • Using thick-soled shoes or shoes with triangular heels.

Short leg


  • Wear high heels shoes with a height of 7 -12 cm.
  • Wear wedges is not recommended, but can still be used as long as you choose a dark colour to give the impression of slim on your body.

Do not

  • Wear wedges with thick, brightly coloured soles, as this can make your body look shorter and fatter.

Long Leg

For those of you who have long legs thinner, then this is the ideal form because it can actually use any type of shoes. However, if you choose to use a stiletto, then the height is enough 5 to 7 cm so that your feet look perfect. Ballerina model shoes, flat shoes and even boots can also be used. The thing you need to avoid is a shoe with a pointy tip because it makes your feet look thin…